Upward Health Announces Contract With Optum

Upward Health, a home-based medical group specializing in primary medical and behavioral care for individuals with complex needs, today announced that it has entered a contract with Optum to provide behavioral health services for Optum’s partner plans.

In addition to its in-home services, Upward Health offers Facilitated Virtual Care™ to expedite access for primary physical, behavioral, urgent and specialty care and to maintain the health of complex multi-chronic patients.  For behavioral health, Upward Health offers psychiatry and therapy for patients suffering from mental illness and substance use disorder. The Company also offers extensive supports for patients struggling with social determinants of health such as food, housing, transportation and social isolation.

“In-home and virtual care is filling a crucial need during the current pandemic by helping people stay physically and mentally healthy while remaining at home,” said Glen Moller, CEO of Upward Health. “As the threat of coronavirus subsides, Upward Health will continue to provide these services, and virtual care will continue to play an important role in addressing the nationwide mental health crisis resulting from feelings of grief and social isolation. This contract with Optum enables us to extend our services to the many patients in our service areas with Optum benefits.”

“In our current environment patients are hesitant to seek mental and physical treatment in traditional clinic settings,” said Upward Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dennis Mihale. “By employing our model of in-home care enhanced with Facilitated Virtual CareTM, we can help Optum patients remain healthy emotionally and physically through and beyond this crisis.”

To discuss Upward Health services for your members or patients, please contact Kim Steely at (888) 985-5455 ext. 702 or .


Upward Health is an in-home multidisciplinary provider that partners with health plans and other risk-bearing entities to address the unique needs of the most high-risk, high-need users of the health care system today. Using a unique, in-home community-based approach to meeting a patient’s needs, Upward Health facilitates and delivers care that improves outcomes and the quality of life for every patient it serves. To learn more, please visit: upwardhealth.com.