Healthcare Comes Home®

Upward Health is a home-based medical group specializing in primary medical and behavioral care for individuals with complex needs.

We serve patients throughout their communities, and we diagnose, treat and prescribe anywhere our patients call home. We reduce barriers to care such as long delays due to scheduling. We see patients when they need us, for as much time as they need, with no time wasted traveling only to sit in a crowded waiting room. Beyond medical supports, we also assist our patients with challenges that may affect their health, such as food insecurity, social isolation, housing needs, transportation and more. It’s no wonder 98% of patients report being fully satisfied with Upward Health!

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  • “” I couldn’t attend my healthcare appointments because of my construction job. My Upward Health Care Specialist has driven to meet me several times during my lunch break to facilitate a virtual visit with my providers. In her car, using technology, I have seen my primary care physician and a behavioral health therapist. And I could not get a psychiatrist to see me in the office because of my criminal history. So Upward Health secured me a psychiatrist who I could see virtually. Robert, 45, Patient
  • “” I was struggling with seizures, several mental health conditions, and substance abuse. Upward Health helped get me into treatment. Now I’m in recovery and want to keep making progress. I don’t know where I’d be without them. Dawn, 39, Patient
  • “” I couldn't get care for my quadriplegic daughter that didn't involve ambulance transport. With Facilitated Virtual Care, my Care Specialist brought a provider into the home so my daughter could be treated without leaving. She also helped me get improved access for her in my building and my apartment. Mayra, Mother of Patient

What we do

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    Partner with Health Plans and Patients
    We partner with health plans to provide top-notch healthcare to their members. Our multidisciplinary team of medical and behavioral providers work to proactively manage each patient’s unique challenges. Upward Health services are typically free of charge to patients and covered 100% by their insurance.

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    Serve Patients with Complex Needs
    Healthcare is complicated, and we are available 24/7 to care for our patients and help them navigate the system. Each patient is matched with a Care Specialist who helps with all aspects of care so that they fully understand their care plan and options. The Care Specialist can even help with non-medical issues or in communicating with regular providers.

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    Visit Patients at Home
    Remember the days of the house call? Well, they’re back! We care for our patients in their own homes, with no waiting rooms, delays, or arranging transportation. Patients can talk to our clinicians any time they want, day or night. We provide hands-on, in-person care in the home – and are also equipped to make visits via Facilitated Virtual Care when appropriate.

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    Improve Outcomes
    We exist to assist patients in achieving better health outcomes. Our attention to patients’ unique needs – and the focus on both prevention and transitions of care – enable us to deliver top-level health quality scores. We are proud that more than 70% of patients report that Upward Health helped keep them out of the Emergency Department. It’s no wonder patient satisfaction is 98%!