About Upward Health

For Providers

Collaboration and coordination for our mutual patients

Upward Health serves patients throughout the community, so our “offices” are anywhere a patient calls home.

During our robust assessment process, we are careful to understand a patient’s existing provider team. We want to coordinate care with primary care providers and existing specialists, ensuring that current, beneficial relationships are not interrupted.

Our provider partners enjoy:

Our provider partners enjoy:

  • Assurance that patients understand and follow the plan of care
  • Alerts when your patients are in the hospital
  • Reduction of no-shows as we help patients with scheduling and transportation
  • Updates about patients’ needs and activities, including newly diagnosed conditions
  • Identification of and partnership in closing gaps in care 
  • Participation in regularly scheduled interdisciplinary rounds

of patients say they are satisfied with Upward Health


of patients say their health is stable or better now than it was 3 months ago


of patients say Upward Health helped keep them out of the hospital

We deeply value our patients’ relationships with other providers, and we do not interfere with them.

The key to our success is the relationship we develop with other providers as we all seek the best for each patient.

We appreciate our provider partners!

If you would like to learn more about us, please contact us at: info@UpwardHealth.com.