Upward Health’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dennis Mihale is scheduled to speak at the Healthcare Innovation Summit + Cybersecurity Forum Series in Miami, Florida on May 11.  Dr. Mihale will talk with Mark Hagland, Editor-in-Chief of Healthcare Innovation, in a panel discussion focused on how social determinants of health’s role in population health.

The Healthcare Innovation Summit + Cybersecurity Forum is in its 14th consecutive year and hosts a regional event series dedicated to the latest trends and challenges facing healthcare executives.  Studies have shown that up to 80% of a person’s health is a result of socioeconomic factors, physical environment, and health behaviors such as diet and exercise and tobacco use.

Dr. Mihale will discuss the opportunities and complexities of integrating social determinants of health initiatives into a population health approach.  “Most of Upward Health’s patients have social determinants of health challenges in addition to chronic physical and behavioral health conditions,” said Dr. Mihale.  “It is difficult for our patients to focus on, for example, managing their diabetes if they don’t have stable housing or access to healthy foods.   Our Care Specialists address the barriers to housing, food, transportation, and other social needs to improve the health and well-being of our patients.”

More information about the Forum can be found here: Summit Series + Cybersecurity Forums: Healthcare Innovation Events (swoogo.com).

Upward Health has a model of care that manages the chronic health needs and treats acute exacerbations at home.

— Dr. Anubhav Kaul, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs – Upward Health

On June 14, two Upward Health executives will lead a session at the OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Upward Health’s Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, Dr. Anubhav Kaul, and Chief Strategy Officer, Mark Treat, will discuss how to design an innovative service model for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  These patients often suffer from significant health disparities due to their complex conditions and frequently have difficulty in communicating, resulting in poor health outcomes and excessive costs.   Leveraging an in-home whole person solution, such as Upward Health, significantly improves access to care, quality, and health outcomes while preventing costly and avoidable utilization of acute and post-acute services.

The OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute is focused on developing growth strategies and nurturing the new value-based service delivery innovations at payer and provider organizations.  Serving those living with an intellectual or developmental disability can be particularly difficult because they are more likely to experience chronic medical conditions as well as have mental health needs.  Upward Health has a long history of treating individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in place to reduce unnecessary and disruptive trips to the hospital.

“We have partnered for years with the Seven Hills Foundation, a comprehensive health and health services network and one of the largest providers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Mark Treat.  “This experience has yielded capabilities that are particularly well-suited to treating the needs of these patients and coordinating care with their other providers.”

“A trip to the emergency room can be extremely disruptive for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  They may become easily agitated and it places a significant burden on the caregiver who accompanies them,” noted Dr. Kaul.  “Upward Health has a model of care that manages the chronic health needs and treats acute exacerbations at home.”

More information about the Institute can be found here: Home – The 2022 OPEN MINDS Strategy & Innovation Institute.



About Upward Health

Upward Health is an in-home multidisciplinary provider that partners with health plans and other risk-bearing entities to address the unique needs of the most high-risk, high-need users of the health care system today. Using a unique, in-home community-based approach to meeting a patient’s needs, Upward Health facilitates and delivers care that improves outcomes and the quality of life for every patient it serves.  Upward Health has a measured Net Promoter Score of 86, among the highest in the healthcare industry.

Press Contact: Seth Zuckerman, 

Upward Health was recognized by two recent publications for its growing presence in California. The California Health Care Foundation released an Innovation Landscape Report on Medi-Cal and Opportunities for Health Tech in Home-Based Medical Care, which featured in-home providers serving patients in California and beyond. Upward Health was featured in the report as a provider of both longitudinal and episodic services to patients in a whole-person care model. OPEN MINDS, a publication focused on the care of individuals with chronic conditions and complex support needs, wrote an article about Upward Health’s new partnership with the Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM) (Health Plan Of San Mateo Selects Upward Health To Provide Home-Based Care – OPEN MINDS). Both the OPEN MINDS article and the California Health Care Foundation report noted that HPSM selected Upward Health in late 2021 as the provider for its HomeAdvantage Program. This program, which was also profiled by the California Health Care Foundation report, is available to HPSM members who are eligible for both Medicare and Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid program) and who have complex medical, behavioral, and social challenges.

“Upward Health is honored to serve patients in California”

— Mark Treat, Chief Strategy Officer – Upward Health

“Our relationship with HPSM offers an excellent opportunity for us to deliver care in the homes of their high-acuity members.” Mark continued, “We are grateful to see Upward Health’s work covered by a prominent publication like OPEN MINDS. We have expanded rapidly in the last year and are excited about the prospects of working with a growing number of patients in California and other states.” California is the most recent addition to the 9 states in which Upward Health is contracted to provide in-home care to patients eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

The California Health Care Foundation’s report focused on how home-based medical providers are key to increasing access and reducing acute care service utilization for seniors, individuals with complex medical needs, and those with disabilities. It highlighted the importance of patient and caregiver engagement for providers like Upward Health to be successful with home-based care. The report described how high-touch services can be augmented with the use of technology. Upward Health’s innovative model of care features Facilitated Virtual Care visits.  With these facilitated visits, Upward Health staff are co-located with patient and use technology to bring a physician into the patient’s home. Upward Health staff are equipped with video technology and digital diagnostic devices that can make it feel like an in-person provider visit without requiring the patient to travel to an office. Additionally, Upward Health uses remote patient monitoring to keep an eye on the patient’s health in between provider visits.

Both publications described how Upward Health’s in-home services provide greater access to care for patients with high needs. Mark shared more about the company’s commitment to delivering care to people who are not well served by the traditional healthcare system: “In addition to improving quality of care and health outcomes, Upward Health is focused on improving health equity. It is exciting that underserved patients will now have access to Upward Health’s comprehensive whole person services including primary care, integrated behavioral health, and extensive supports for social determinants of health. Our experience has shown that access to the complete suite of services is the only way to deliver breakthrough improvements in outcomes.”

Facilitated Virtual Care is an innovative way to bring providers to patients in their homes, improve access to care and alleviate the need for patients to leave their homes to receive care from providers traditionally only available in the clinic setting.  The speaker addresses the quality outcomes, patient satisfaction, technology, assistive devices and physician reviews of Facilitated Virtual Care.  This talk is especially timely in the new normal created by coronavirus as residents are often reluctant to seek treatment for their chronic conditions in physician offices resulting in hospital stays that could be avoided.

  • Lunch-n-Learn Webinar Series
  • June 24, 2020
  • 12:00 noon Central Time
  • This presentation has been approved by Louisiana Assisted Living Association for 1 hour Continuing Education Credit for Adult Residential Care/Assisted Living Director Certification/Training program.


Event Speaker

Dr. Dennis MihaleDennis P.H. Mihale, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer – Upward Health

Started his undergraduate career at State University of New York at Buffalo with a BS Aerospace Engineering, before obtaining his M.D. at the University of Miami, School of Medicine; and, finally receiving his MBA at University of South Florida. He is board certified in Medical Examiners and Emergency Medicine.

He has been CEO and/or Chief Medical Officer of several institutions including the VA. His most recent appointment is as Chief Medical Officer for Upward Health, with offices in New Orleans, Providence, Philadelphia and New York. He has presented over 80 times and is the author of seven publications. His awards include CEO of the Year: Tampa Bay Forum; Entrepreneur of the Year: USF College of Business Administration; Physician Business Leader of the Year: Medical Business Journal; as well as the Fellow, National Science Foundation.