Upward Health Announces Home-Based COVID-19 Solution for Community’s Neediest

Upward Health, a home-based medical group specializing in primary medical and behavioral care for individuals with complex needs, today announced a COVID-19 specific solution to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals in the community have access to high-quality in-home care and get the testing and treatment they need if they believe they have been exposed to the virus.

As an in-home and virtual primary care provider, Upward Health is on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis, committed to keeping patients healthy and safe. Their primary focus is on patients at higher risk from COVID-19 if they leave their home, such as frail and elderly patients, patients with Chronic Disease and homebound patients.

“Upward Health provides both Facilitated and non-Facilitated Virtual Care to help patients receive care in the safety of their home”, said Glen Moller, CEO of Upward Health. “Since COVID-19 is easily spread and is most dangerous to medically frail individuals with multiple chronic conditions, now is the time to make sure that those people get the testing and treatment they need without leaving home.  On a societal basis, these efforts will also help to flatten the curve.”

Upward Health offers Facilitated Virtual Care™ to expedite access for primary physical, behavioral, urgent and specialty care to maintain health for complex multi-chronic patients.  The company also offers extensive supports for social determinants of health such as food, medication fulfillment, housing, transportation and social isolation. Upward Health is providing services to all patients, those infected with COVID-19 and those not, during this emergency.

“The most important thing we can do to help with this crisis is keep people out of the hospitals so that the beds are available for those who really need them,” said Upward Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Dennis Mihale. “Our core business is treating patients in their homes, so we are already in a unique position to provide a solution to how to deliver care to people during this unprecedented time.”

To discuss the COVID-19 solution or other services offered by Upward Health, please contact Kim Steely at (888) 985-5455 ext. 702 or . Visit upwardhealth.com for more information.


Upward Health is a risk-bearing multidisciplinary provider that partners with health plans and other risk-bearing entities to address the unique needs of the most high-risk, high-need users of the health care system today. Using a unique, holistic, and community-based approach to meeting a plan member’s needs, Upward Health facilitates and delivers care that improves outcomes and the quality of life for every member they serve. To learn more, visit: upwardhealth.com.