Upward Health Announces Expansion Into Louisiana

New Orleans, LA May 26, 2020 — Upward Health, an in-home, primary and behavioral care provider that specializes in high-risk, high-needs patients, announced it will be further expanding its service area, bringing its innovative home-based care model to Louisiana, with an immediate entry into greater New Orleans and surrounding parishes.  Upward Health patients will have 24/7 access to Upward Health’s premier physicians and care team.

“We are deeply committed to providing top notch care to vulnerable individuals and those with multiple chronic conditions.  What makes us unique is the ability to care for patients wherever they call home – to bring the care right to them at the time of need,” said Upward Health CEO Glen Moller.  “We are working closely with our valued partners at various health plans to identify patients who can benefit from extra access to care.  We are also accepting individuals who come directly to us.”

Upward Health partners with health plans to identify patients who need ongoing support.  Each patient is paired with a care specialist, who is in constant contact with the patient to help manage their chronic health conditions and to facilitate virtual or in-person visits with their Upward Health providers – or even providers outside of Upward Health.  The Company focuses particularly on access to behavioral healthcare and helping patients improve aspects of their lives that may inhibit their health, such as food insecurity or housing and transportation needs.

“We reduce barriers to care, and that results in better outcomes,” adds Moller. “The opportunity to serve patients directly in their homes is exciting – especially while COVID-19 is so disproportionately affecting vulnerable populations in New Orleans and across Louisiana.”


Upward Health is a national, risk-bearing multidisciplinary medical group delivering 24/7 in-home primary, behavioral health, urgent, and post-discharge care, contracting with health plans across product lines in value-based arrangements to manage complex, chronically ill patients.  Find more information about Upward Health at www.upwardhealth.com.

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