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September 27, 2023 in Upward Health, Upward Health News

Upward Health Program Spotlight: Admission & Readmission Avoidance Program

A key goal of Upward Health’s program is improving a patient’s access to high-quality healthcare. With services delivered right in the patient’s home and clinicians available 24/7/365, the goal is to reduce the occurrence of high-cost, medically unnecessary admissions and readmissions to emergency departments or inpatient facilities. The Admission & Readmission Avoidance Program (ARAP) focuses on this critical area. ARAP delivers evidence-based and proactive interventions through an interdisciplinary team to reduce potentially avoidable events.

ARAP relies on several key roles within our Clinical Operations team, from our nurse care managers to our medical directors, and includes the following components:  

Patient Hotline

RN triage line ensures help is always available.

Urgent Same-Day
or Next-Day Visits

Ability to schedule timely appointments with UH providers.

Daily Huddle

Care teams meet daily to discuss patients who are experiencing a care transition, emerging need, or gap in care.

Team Rounds

Multidisciplinary team meets weekly to review cases for proactive planning.


Utilizing claims and clinical data points to identify risk of admission or readmission and deploy interventions.

Patient Engagement & Education

Focus on educating patients on their diagnoses to promote self-management and who to call when experiencing an exacerbation.


Optimize Upward Health’s suite of services to provide whole-person care. 

of Care

When an admission occurs,
the focus shifts to managing a successful transition home to reduce likelihood of readmission.

Stacey Jensen, RN BSN, MBA/HCM

Upward Health Chief Clinical Operations Officer

Each member of our clinical team plays a vital role in our Admission & Readmission Avoidance Program. From our RNs who respond to every patient inbound inquiry, to our providers who lead our daily huddles, we work as a cohesive team to make a powerful impact on our patients so they can live their happiest and healthiest lives out of the hospital.

ARAP Means Impact

To learn more about our Admission & Readmission Avoidance Program, contact info@upwardhealth.com.