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March 28, 2024 in Upward Health News

Servant Leadership at Upward Health

At Upward Health, there is a commitment to ensuring both our patients and our staff are able to prioritize personal and professional growth and well-being. For this reason, our Leadership Team strives for a servant leadership style and empowers staff to succeed and become fully engaged in their work. In this Leader Spotlight, we want to highlight Stacey Jensen’s approach to servant leadership and how it has impacted our company.

In February 2021, Stacey Jensen joined Upward Health as the Chief Clinical Operations Officer. In her role, she is responsible for the direct development and deployment of all clinical programs and services provided. Her team spans from providers to the frontline, field-based staff members.

As a former post-head trauma and medical-surgical unit nurse, Stacey spent years ensuring patients, families, and caregivers were prioritized. When she transitioned from direct care to executive roles in health plans and now Upward Health, it was natural for her to put her staff first. There was no adjustment needed for a servant leadership style; it was her natural approach.

Stacey believes it is of utmost importance to be a skilled communicator when leading. Her clear communication ensures her expansive team is working in one direction, heading toward what she calls a “North Star.” For Stacey’s team, this means keeping the patient central in their decisions and planning. This guiding principle coupled with her servant leadership approach has afforded Stacey’s team with a strong foundation.

Stacey’s Team In Action!


“Stacey’s influence has been instrumental in refining my leadership style. Learning from her, I’ve embraced collaboration wholeheartedly, understanding its power in fostering innovation and success. Her emphasis on assuming positive intent has strengthened our team dynamics, influencing how I approach every interaction with trust and respect. Furthermore, her keen attention to language has heightened my awareness of its impact, reminding me of the importance of clarity and empathy in effective communication.”

Tiffany Carter, MSN, MBA, RN, CMGT-BC, NEA-BC
Vice President, Clinical Operations

Tiffany and Care Specialist, Kamilah Jeffery, supporting Upward Health patients in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. 

Victoria leading a series of intensive trainings covering end-to-end core processes for Upward Health Care Specialists in Louisiana.


“Stacey is the epitome of someone who leads by example and gives everything she has to our patients and Care Team day in and day out. I have learned so much from just watching her, but she has also been an incredible and engaging mentor to me, and I would not be where I am today without her leadership.”

Victoria Abel, MBA, PMP, CBPP
Vice President, Clinical Process Excellence