For Payers

Speed and access of care for patients with complex needs.

Upward Health is a home-based medical group providing primary medical and behavioral care to your most complex, chronic members. We diagnose, treat, and prescribe wherever our patients call home.

Upward Health offers payers four primary benefits:

  1. Exceptional care for high-risk, high-need, high-cost members
  2. Reduced total cost of care
  3. Improved outcomes and quality measures
  4. Rigorous documentation

Upward Health dramatically lowers hospital costs

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Fewer emergency
room visits
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Fewer inpatient

We deliver these benefits by providing hands-on, whole person care. We integrate physical and behavioral care with interventions to impact social determinants of health – and we do it all in the home and community.

Here's how we do it:

Magnifying Glass Icon Reach Out & Engage We find, contact, and connect with your most complex members. No one is excluded, even the most challenging individuals.
Computer Icon Assess & Plan We conduct comprehensive patient and environmental assessments and develop customized care plans.
Heart in Hand Icon Deliver In-Home Care We deliver in-home care through our physician-led multidisciplinary care teams. We diagnose, treat and prescribe wherever our patients call home.
Computer Devices Icon Facilitate Virtual Care We often bring technology to the home to facilitate virtual appointments with Upward Health or external providers. This accelerates speed and access to needed care.
Handshake Icon Impact Social Determinants of Health Care team members are trained to intervene with patient challenges in housing, food security, transportation, social isolation and more.

Upward Health Means Impact:

98% Of patients say they are satisfied with Upward Health

78% Of patients say Upward Health helped keep them out of the hospital

56% of patients say their health is better now than it was three months ago

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Working With Upward Health:

  • We are led by former health plan executives and clinicians who delight in caring for complex patients and delivering the most appropriate and effective care.
  • We take risk and guarantee outcomes in both quality and cost of care. Risk arrangements are typically HCP-LAN Category 4.
  • We care for Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial members alike – all on behalf of our health plan partners.
  • We are available to patients 24/7/365. We supercharge HEDIS scores and key outcome targets.
  • We document and submit all encounters accurately and timely. We provide health plans with full assessment and diagnosis information.
  • We deliver transparent data and outcome analytics.