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October 1, 2020 in Upward Health News


Remember when “2020” was a good thing?  Like 20/20 vision.  But now the year is just muttered under the breath like it’s bad luck, synonymous with the difficulties this year has brought.

Candidly, it feels different here at Upward Health. Our mission is to improve the quality of care for the most needy and complex patients, and in the process address disparities in healthcare.  It’s an important cause, and 2020 is seeing people everywhere unite in recognizing the importance of that effort!  We’ve grown significantly as more attention is placed on reaching those in need.

Serving vulnerable individuals wherever they call home is our highest focus. It’s laborious, but I hope we are always true to that calling. We are honored to provide services to a diverse panel of patients in urban and rural settings in many different languages in multiple states. We daily see patients’ lives transformed as they receive hand-on, individualized care and attention, often involving daily contact from our care specialists and providers. Our patients flourish because we integrate physical and behavioral health with interventions for social determinants – and provide fast access to care in the home. Using our Facilitated Virtual Care™ platform, our patients have had uninterrupted access to our physicians, mental health providers, nurses and other caregivers, day and night. Patients with chronic medical conditions have continued seeing their providers maintaining and improving their health despite the pandemic.

We’ve seen our patient population explode so far this year as health plans, state governments and other payers seek solutions for their vulnerable populations. So yes, 2020 may be synonymous with challenges, but we can rise to face them and make life a little easier for those with high needs.

Glen Moller
Upward Health CEO